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Investment analysis and portfolio management are the topics that are of immense importance in the subject of finance. These topics are of practical importance in real life as well because businesses cannot function optimally if these two areas are overlooked. For understanding both these areas, you must take Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management Homework Help.

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A glimpse of Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

Investment analysis is the entire process by which any investment is evaluated on the risk front and the profitability front. It is only after the careful investment analysis that the decision is taken that whether an investment is suitable to fit in a portfolio or not. After a thorough evaluation, it is determined that which investment has the features of minimum risk and maximum returns and some of the best investments are then chosen for portfolio.

Portfolio is a pool of different types of investments, and portfolio management is the decision-making process where investment mix is decided. It will include different investment options like equity, debt, mutual funds, cash investments, bonds, etc.This is the method by which risk diversification is enabled and such a combination of investments is decided so that maximum returns can be ensured.

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  • Strategies for optimum investment.
  • Portfolio management related to equity and fixed income.
  • Asset valuation and asset allocation in investment.
  • Investment based on set goals.
  • Risk and return evaluation.
  • Capital market study.
  • Hedge funds and options related to private equity.
  • Investment mix like mutual funds, endowments, pension funds,
  • Diversification and rebalancing.
  • Calculation of yield and ratio analysis.
  • Financial theories and behavioural
  • Active portfolio strategy and passive portfolio strategy.
  • Analysis of taxation and liquidity aspects of investment.
  • Execution of portfolio and its regular monitoring.
  • Numerical questions, case studies and project reports.

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