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In this subject of finance, option is a topic that actually describes the contract in which a buyer has a right. But there is no obligation as such,where he can either sell or buy the asset in question at any decided strike price on a specified date. There can be call options and put options. To understand this topic in detail, you must not delay taking Options Homework Help.

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Highlight about topic options

Options are basically a type of financial derivate. When there is a right to buy option, then it is known by the name of call option. And when there is a right to sell that option, then it is called by another name put option. So in this case, that party which has sold the option contract will be called the option writer and the party that has purchased the option will be called as the option holder.

Options are used for the purposes of speculation and hedging. While deciding the strike price for the option,spot price is taken into account,and sometimes the discount premium is also considered.A seller has an obligation to fulfil his transaction in his desired way, but a buyer in this case always has a right but no obligation as such.

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The concepts that we cover while providing help for the topic of options

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  1. Meaning of options.
  2. History of options and its uses in the past.
  3. Modern day options related to the stock market.
  4. Specifications are ruling the contracts.
  5. Over the counter options and exchange traded options.
  6. Exchange-based
  7. Types of options- long call, short call, long put, short put.
  8. Strategies related to options.
  9. Option rights and option types.
  10. Valuation process and different models for the same.
  11. Analytical techniques for risk analysis.
  12. Numerical questions and practical case studies.

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