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There are many topics to learn in finance and understanding them is not that easy. The studying finance needs to deal with the homework and assignment which sometimes make them lose grades due to incomplete or incorrect work.  And that is why to score higher grades students need to work smartly by adapting some ideas to complete their work on time and that too with best quality answers to score marks. 

One of an interesting topic in finance is the money flow in the financial market. This is a very basic topic which students need to understand to know the basics of finance. Let us some of the facts about this topic.

What is meant by money flow?

The money flow is simple to calculate which is usually known as the money flow index. The money flow index gives the status of how much trade of stock is done. The money flow calculation is done by taking out the average of the high, low, and the closing prices and then it is multiplied by the daily volume. This average value is also known as the typical price.

The results each time is compared with the result calculate the previous day which helps the traders to know that whether the money flow is positive or negative for the present day. if the results are the same then for the present day and the previous day then that day is discarded.

It is really very important for the students to know each and every step of calculating the money flow properly so that the correct results could be made for the stock. Incorrect results can affect the smooth working of a company and give them a great loss with time. So a student who could be a future financial manager should not let this happen by studying with concentration and efforts to give their 100% towards their work.

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Calculation money flow index

It is not that difficult to measure the money flow index but students sometimes go wrong with the calculations and steps. But with correct practice and hard-work dealing with finance is not a big thing. Below are the steps with an example to compute the money movement index:


Calculating the typical price

Typical price = high+low+closing/3

High: $36

Low: $20

Close: $34

Calculating the money flow

Money flow= daily volume*typical price

Daily volume: 300,000 shares

Money flow= 300000*1/3($36+$20+$34)

= $20,200,000


Calculating the typical price

Typical price = high+low+closing/3

High: $38

Low: $18

Close: $35

Calculating the money flow

Money flow= daily volume*typical price

Daily volume: 300,000 shares

Money flow= 200000*1/3($38+$18+$35)

= $13,533,333.3

Similarly money ratio could be calculated which includes the step of taking out the ratio of negative money flow on positive money flow.

Money ratio= positive money flow/negative money flow

The next important calculation is the money flow index which gives the final count of the goods traded. If its value is more than 80 then it is considered as overbought, and if the value lies below 20 then it is said to be oversold.

MFI= 100 * Positive money flow / positive money flow + negative money flow

These are the calculations which are to be correct to get the correct result and a little mistake is dangerous which can make your answer incorrect till the end. Taking help from the experts will not let this happen and you can get well-written answers for your finance homework and assignment.

Learning some more facts about the financial money flow in the market

When the company purchases the stock is higher than the normal prices (an uptick), positive money flow occurs. When the next trade by the company is done, the purchase if done at lower prices (a downtick) than the negative money flow occurs.

If the company is successful in buying more shares throughout the day on an uptick than it is said that the net money flow is positive. This is because more investors were willing to buy the shares by paying a premium for the available stock.

The investors also keep monitoring the money flow in the stock market so that they could get trading opportunities at the earliest when the trading volume is considered to lead the price.

These are the facts which students should learn and remember it properly so that he/she could take correct financial decisions at various money flow in the market. There are also different money flow indicators which can be used which can help to incorporate the money flow in the different trading decisions. These indicators are Chaikin money flow oscillator and money flow index (MFI). The money flow index is mostly used by the traders to analyze the price and the volume of the stock.

The traders could also use other technical indicators in conjunction with the different money flow indicators which helps to improve its effectiveness and the false trading signals are also removed.

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There are also certain measures which a student can adapt so that their finance homework and assignment and also its studying should not become a burden,n on them. with a little effort, they could study finance well to have a bright future.

What all a student can do to complete their finance homework and assignment on time?

Focus on the theoretical part and formulas

Finance is a field in which if you want to understand the financial system work then you need to be very particular with the theoretical portions. The theoretical portions should be covered up so that you never miss an important formula. While studying you will get to know its important as there are some topics in finance which are connected with each other and need to relate one subject to understand the other one.

This is not limited to your studies but also a good way to get the answers to your finance homework and assignment. if any of the important topics are skipped by you then you may face difficulty in solving the questions and could also take hours to get the answer. so it is better to have a good knowledge of each topic as you get learning them in the class.

The first question in your mind is how it could be possible?

But with hard work and concentration, you can achieve it. You should try to read and write important points of the topics thought in the class the same day when you are back at home. A lot of efforts has to put forward and the results will also be seen with high grades and a good job opportunity.

Still difficult?

Then taking help is another best option. the online expert’s help which is easy to get and the experts are always ready to help you. the experts help you in finding the solutions to the homework and assignment in a very easy manner and with not much efforts you can get your homework and assignment solved quickly.

Make a habit of making notes

The notes are always helpful at any needful situation may be during the exams time or while writing the difficult answers to your homework and assignments. the difficult theories along with the laws is a major hurdle while learning the financial concepts. And to make them easy just pen it down so that until next time you are there to revise the topic you could remember the important points and make learning easy.

The notes should be made either while attending the lectures or at the time of reading the lessons. You can also make some notes before the topic is taught in the class. This helps in asking the queries while the lecturer takes the class about the topic. Thus, notes can also help you in clearing your doubts and make finance an easy subject for you.

Finance is a very broad subject which needs to be studied by giving attention to each and every detail. This quality should be possessed by every finance student who could sometimes fail to perform well in their academics.

Its time to change and along with making notes take the help of the experts who know how to guide you towards better learning of the financial concepts. The answers given by them are detailed which helps a student know how the answers should be framed to score marks.

Be a part of group discussions

Group discussions are a great opportunity for students to increase their knowledge and clear their doubts. With your classmates, you can have an arrangement of having group discussions on various topics so that you can help others and get the help as well to know the concepts to a greater extent.

While studying there may be topics or some details which you would have omitted so while discussing the lessons of finance you could know the left part. also, the group discussions help in exchanging the ideas and skills by which you could also learn how to communicate with people in your near future.

The other important help which you get through group discussion is you could know your strength and weaknesses which clearly gives you a chance to improve yourself. You may know the part where you need to give more concentration and need to work harder. Some of your skills like listening, understanding, and interacting gets polished with the help of group discussions.

You could have detailed discussions with the online experts as well who is well trained and skilled to make you know your weak points and let you solve your finance homework and assignment quickly.

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Take help as and when required

It’s always not possible for a student to manage their studies along with the so many important activities in their life like practicing for football, taking tuitions, having some quality time with friends, and more. this is the situation where the student should say no to stress himself and take help to complete their homework and assignment.

While you take online help in finance homework and assignment you get the following advantages:

  • Qualitative wok to score higher marks
  • It helps you get improved with the concepts which are difficult to understand and write
  • You don’t need to spend hours on a particular question for hours and hire someone in just a few minutes to get the work done before the deadlines
  • You get the correct calculations done in your finance formulas and don’t need to keep rechecking after writing the answers.
  • The online help is available anywhere in the globe you may be and just by being online you get all your work done in much fewer efforts.
  • Your personal details are kept secured and payment methods are easy and quick

Finance students are getting amazing job opportunities nowadays and if a student gives all his efforts and dedication he/she could also have a brightening future and a good earning in the field of finance.  

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