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Microeconomics is a vital section of economics. Students can very easily score good marks in this subject if they consider taking proper assistance for it and learn the subject in details. Microeconomics can be described as an economic attribute of the individual quarters of a concerned economy. It should be kept in mind that microeconomics does not consider the aggregate of an economy. Subparts of this topic like production function are a very scoring section as far as assessments are concerned.

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What is Production Function?

In microeconomics, a production function relates to the physical outlay of a particular project to that of the physical inputs required by that production process. It simply denotes the amount of output that firm can offer as compared to the amount of input that has been subjected to. It is basically a mathematical analysis method that is generally followed to calculate the maximum projected output that can be obtained from a specified amount of input.

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Key points on Production Function

  1. Production function speaks of an outline that represents the limitations of the output that is projected to be obtained from every practical combination of the inputs.
  2. These inputs are mostly considered to the required labor wages and capital invested in the production process.

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