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What is time series?

A time series is actually a set of data points created:

  1. Over an unending time interval.
  2. Out of achieving measurements frequencies across the same interval.
  3. Use same spacing between two consecutive frequencies.
  4. With every time unit has one data point.

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Examples of time series

The general examples of time series are closing value of Dow Jones Industrial Average counts of sunspots and ocean tides. Pupils have to know many examples if they want to learn these time series because it helps them to remember the fact and to understand the matter in an easy way. They have to present various examples in the assignments and they cannot find the example to use in their projects. If they tell us to get Time Series Homework Help support, they will get ready homework with perfect examples.

Importance of time series:

This is very important topic. There are many aspects that are compulsorily studied by the pupils.

  • These are frequently plotted through line charts.
  • Time series are applied in signal processing, mathematical finance, statistics, pattern recognition, weather forecasting, trajectory forecasting and intelligent transport, control engineering, earthquake prediction, astronomy, communication engineering and so on.
  • It helps to analyse the data of time series to find out the meaningful and other important characteristics of data.

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