Top Ideas for Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics: Keep Scrolling down for More

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Did you complete that persuasive essay assignment? It took me so long to obtain some interesting persuasive essay topics.


Oh God! I completely forgot that while I was stressed about the mathematics assignment. I am so messed up right now, what will I do?


ok relax! I have finished my essay work so I can try to help you out. But, I can only help you with the topics. The writing part you have to do on your own.

Well, do you understand what is going on up there? The two friends are really worried about their assignments. While focussing on one, they forgot another. This is exactly what happens with students due to too much homework pressure.

Writing essays is a time taking job and it requires detailed analysing power as well. So, it is quite necessary that either they take guidance from their seniors or tutors or academic writing services. I will explain it to you in details but before that let me take you into the world of persuasiveness but with essays! As you keep reading further, you will come across the most interesting persuasive essay topics which I have collected so far.

Getting to the basics

What is a persuasive essay?

Well, do you know how to write a persuasive essay? Why and how is it different from a descriptive or a narrative essay? There are formats and structure for each category of essay, my friend. It is not at all as easy as it seems. The goal of such an essay is to convince the readers. Persuasive essays are more about reasoning to demonstrate your opinion to the readers. So, at first you have to mention your opinion and then generate evidence to support it. Here you will find many ideas and interesting persuasive essay topics!

Well, another thing to remember is that do not mix it up with an argumentative essay. Whilst both of them might look similar but they are different from each other. In an argumentative essay facts reign supreme, right? Here there is no such compulsion. You can also use emotional anecdotes and stories to convince the readers.

My opinion

Personally, I love writing a persuasive essay as compared to a descriptive or an expository one. These essays are more about logical reasoning and it gives me complete freedom to express my opinion and ideas as well as my beliefs. When I look for interesting persuasive essay topics, I try to write about stuff that I really care about rather than going with the trend. While writing these essays I am so engrossed in the topic that I start living in a parallel world where I can entirely express myself.

Actually, the biggest bonus point of essays is the ability to express. You will understand how overwhelming it can be, to write a persuasive essay, especially if you haven’t tried it beforehand. So, the objective here is to explain to you in a step wise manner everything that you need to know about interesting persuasive essay topics.

Focus on the outline of your essay

The persuasive essay should have a 5-content paragraphing. Like any other essay it has an introduction, content body, and a conclusion. A simple example of an outline is mentioned below for you convenience.

  1. Introduction:

It should contain your statement with a strong hook and defining of the audience. Your statement should be briefly explained here in such a way that the reader gets engrossed and wants to read further. So, the introduction is very important as it is the first step to persuade your opinion to the readers.

  1. The body:

It is broken down into three paragraphs, where each of the paragraphs should contain one reasoning each. Here you can provide reasoning in the form of emotional expression, stories, and facts. Well, providing facts is of course better because that would make your readers believe more in your opinion. Moreover, you also have to provide evidence for supporting your statement here.

  1. Conclusion:

This part should contain a brief summary of your entire statement and a part where you provide the list of benefits to the readers. At the end of your conclusion, a call to action is a must. Without it your essay won’t stand a chance to reach its goal.

You can maintain this outline or create your own depending on the topic that you choose. I love persuasive essays because there is a vast range of interesting persuasive essay topics to choose from. The most important tip that you must remember is that your pick a side, stick to it, and defend it till the last line of your essay.

Examples of interesting persuasive essay topics:

  1. Is society to dependent on technology in the current era?
  2. Do social media apps like Facebook or Whatsapp create isolation?
  3. Should citizens be allowed to inherit and keep exotic animals as pets?
  4. Will it be ethical to sentence juvenile adolescents as adults?
  5. Should public transport like busses be made free for all the citizens of a society?
  6. Is it ethical for the government to keep track of personal and private data through Google?
  7. Are snow days great for family time?
  8. Aliens do exist.
  9. Should kids be given a right to vote?
  10. Are beauty contest creating a negative impact on people?
  11. Should domestic surveillance without a warrant be made legal?
  12. Should eating meat be banned?
  13. Is it ethical to use animals for medical testing of products?
  14. Should minors be allowed to get tattoos?
  15. Is corporal punishment helpful for children?
  16. Should there be a ban on cigarette smoking as well?
  17. Is it good to intake marijuana in small amounts since it has medicinal properties?
  18. Stereotyping of teens. Is it justifiable?
  19. Should birth-control tools be distributed in school?
  20. How good is sex-education for children? Does it harm their mental health?
  21. Does cosmetic surgery harm self-esteem?
  22. How useful has the ‘No child left behind’ Act been for kids?
  23. Should Nuclear power be made illegal?
  24. Financial compensation of organ donors. Should it start?
  25. Should there be an increase in the minimum wage?

Well, that was my collection of interesting persuasive essay topics. You start creating your own. Focus on the creation of your statement and do not forget to research about your topic before you start writing. Remember, to choose your side, and stick to it.