Top Ideas for Persuasive Essay Topics for College: Politics, Technology, Classical Topics and Much More!

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English is quite a fascinating language and it has a lot of complexities associated with it. In middle school or high school students might not feel the pressure but college assignments come with a lot of pressure. There are strict deadlines, plagiarism issues, and the pressure of semester examinations as well. A good persuasive essay requires the three major skills of a student. These are:

  1. Research skill
  2. Analysing skills
  3. Writing technique

Writing a persuasive essay has a specific structure or format which is mostly explained in schools or colleges. But in-depth research is quite time-taking and requires a lot of patience as well. Here you will find various options ad top-notch ideas for persuasive essay topics for college but you must put your own efforts to write a strong essay.

The primary resources:

Persuasive essays are assigned to students to test their debating abilities and their knowledge about specificpersuasive essay topics for college. It quite a good practice to enhance your communication and research skills. While working on a persuasive essay a student has to focus on the time-tested sources to prove their knowledge of the topic. The resources which they can look forward for information are:

  • Academic journals
  • Scientific magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Textbooks
  • Research journals
  • Newspapers
  • Official reports
  • Documentaries
  • Academic writing services

Even if you feel that you have expertise in the topic do not re-think about taking help from external sources because your main objective should be to make your persuasive essay brilliant. This post will help you a lot to have a good collection of persuasive essay topics for college, but the research must be done by you to enhance the quality of your essay.

Persuasive essay topics for college at a glance

  1. Should MBA degree made a compulsion for all students?
  2. Should education be made free for all students irrespective of their backgrounds?
  3. Physical education in the school system.
  4. The commercialisation of education.
  5. Production and sales of tobacco should be made illegal
  6. Is swimming the healthiest form of sport?
  7. Globalisation and its impact.
  8. Should the existing public school policies be changed?
  9. What is needed to become a political: art or inborn talent?
  10. Is technology being misused on a large scale?
  11. Are online friends more effective than imaginary ones?
  12. Cloning of animals. Is it ethical?
  13. Role of media in sports life
  14. Is David Beckham overrated?
  15. Should gender studies be made a separate discipline in high schools?
  16. Are mobile phones safe for health?
  17. Is recycling more effective than donating?
  18. Should college students be forced to attend college six days a week?
  19. Do media studies help in politics?
  20. College students need to be active in social issues like  human trafficking
  21. Non-competitive athletic teams are better for college athletes
  22. Is bioterrorism still an important issue?
  23. Identity theft is a major issue.
  24. College students need to be on guard against consumer debt.
  25. Is the European academic system better than the American one?
  26. National laws must be enforced to prevent texting while driving.
  27. Drinking alcoholic beverages sometimes helps to cure certain diseases like Alzheimer’s.
  28. Should the college sensor speakers that are invited to visit the campus?
  29. Standardized test results should be important for college admissions.
  30. Extracurricular activities should be given equal weightage as studies in college.

As an English tutor I have helped a lot of my students in collecting persuasive essay topics for college. It is not only my hobby but also a challenge for me to keep collecting such topics for my students. Moreover, these persuasive essays give me a chance to express my beliefs and opinions in front of the readers. It enhances my communication skills as well. I am sure this is going to be a great practice for you as well.

How to understand if the topic is great or not?

Well, the persuasive essay topics for college need not be something very unique or extraordinary but make sure to keep the following points in your mind while selecting the topic:

  • It shouldn’t have an easy answer for the audience to decide.
  • It must have two or more sides to it.
  • It should be understandable at college level.
  • It must be a topic that you really care about.
  • It is an essay topic that you can research about.
  • Before searching for your specific topic it is best if you write down your points in one place and then scan your topic.

There are lot of things to look out for while you select your topic but you must broaden your thinking and analysing skills. Once, you select the topic then you have to start collecting evidences and facts to support your statements and opinions.

The necessities:

To write a good persuasive essay, just a topic is not enough; you must focus on the following supporting skills as well:

  1. Reading and comprehension
  2. Research and analysis
  3. Critical thinking
  4. Formatting
  5. Supportive logical reasoning.

This post will help you people with the most exciting persuasive essay topics for college, but then the research is completely your personal efforts. Remember, that patience is the key and hard work efforts success.

One of my favourite writers, Harvey Diamond said, “If you don’t know what you want to achieve in your presentation your audience never will.