Top Ideas on How to Make Persuasive Essay Topics for College Interesting

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These day students fail to get their desired grades. It is due to the lack of knowledge on how to write a persuasive essay. Students actually have sleepless nights when it comes to completing a persuasive essay. You definitely need some time to spend on understanding what it takes to write a persuasive essay.

Persuasive essay topics for college are challenging. You will have to learn the skills to write something interesting and new. Summing up a persuasive essay means it must have the following-

  • The complexity of arguments,
  • Showering of data
  • Arranging the flow accordingly etc.

Instead of choosing topics that are byzantine in nature, it is best to comprehend on how to present an attention-grabbing persuasive essay. This blog is an attempt to help students develop ideas in persuasive essay topics for college

Persuasive Essay Topics For College: A Prologue

Let us start thinking what is persuasive essay after all?

This kind of writing skill involves the writer to put the content in a way to convince the readers about a certain point. It involves various types of medium to make the readers persuade on the topic. Many use reviews, or brochures, proposals to research papers, editorials etc. to prove their point.

The Writing Comprises Of Three Appeals,

Ethos- It appeals to ethics. It is made to convince the readers of the integrity of the writer. It focuses on the educational background and the profession of the writer.

For e.g.: topics like- ‘Why Microbiologists study autoimmune diseases. Such a topic definitely shows that the writer hails from the microbiology genre and he is a pro at it.

Logos- It charms logic and reason. Most of the writers use this kind of convincing mode. It is scientific in nature and true to facts. All the facts are thus presented in a coherent manner.

E.g.: Writing an essay on ‘Impact of pets on a child’. It involves several reasoning, logical presentation and data to make the essay convey its idea.

Pathos- This concentrates on emotions. It focuses the readers to convince by targeting the human emotion. It involves the use of sympathy, sadness, humor, anger etc. It is one way to influence one’s thoughts on it.

For instance, a topic like, ‘why burning flags as a protest must be punishable.’

It is a topic that involves emotions. It includes anger.

Now that you have got a brief about the persuasive essay topics for college, let me take you to some of the fruitful topics that can help you fetch higher grades-

But first things first-

  • Understand Your Viewpoint:

Before you head to write the persuasive essay, think which side you are of the debate. Think the resources you will be able to gather to prove your point. Be prepared to get counter-attacked for your side of the topic.

  • Learn About Your Readers:

Understand who your readers are. This means are you writing for the mass or the class.

  • Research Thoroughly Upon the Topic:

You will have to do a thorough research before you head to write your essay. It can comprise any material resource that is genuine and accepted at the university level. You can alternatively take the help of online education portals who can guide you in writing a quality persuasive essay.

  • Begin The Outline Of The Essay:

Outline the essay body with an outline to show the flow of your essay. Remember to keep it logical wise and must have interlinked paragraphs.

  • Prove Your Arguments With Supportive Facts:

You cannot write an essay unless it is well researched. This means you must have all the related documents and facts to make your essay worthy of ‘A’ grade.

  • You can now start writing the essay starting with an introductory paragraph, middle body and finally the concluding points.

Now let me take you to persuasive essay topics for college that can help you to excel in your grades-

  • Persuasive essay topics for college based on constitution and government

This involves topics related to the native government’s norms and regulations, constitution rules etc.

Following topics will be great to write a persuasive essay on-

  1. How to tell whether a candidate is for political office is a constitutionalist?
  2. How is ‘all men created equal’ put under constitution?
  3. What do inalienable rights listed in the Declaration of Independence mean?
  4. The underline meaning of Jefferson calling the American system a democratic-republic.
  5. The effect of socialism or collectivism in the world.
  • Persuasive essay topics for college based on nature protection

Under this head, topics could range anywhere from how to use natural resources to how disposable diapers are becoming a major threat to nature. Some of the topics could also be-

  1. How can solar energy replace the current energy sources?
  2. Positive effects of hybrid cars on the environment
  3. Negative effects of oil drilling
  4. How ISO greenhouse gas standard makes it reach the voting stage.
  5. Change from coal to natural gas can bring little or no change in global warming.
  • Persuasive essay topics for college based on medicine

This enriched subject is vast enough to incorporate varied themes. This includes-

  1. Why skipping breakfast is not a good idea
  2. Why rules for advertisements towards medical drugs should be stringent.
  3. Regular exercises and dietary changes are proven interventions to help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.
  4. Why everybody should think of donating their organs.
  5. How a Migraine is a psychological pain that can be prevented.
  • Persuasive essay topics for college based on psychology and social studies

  1. How the financial state of affairs directly affects the feeling of happiness.
  2. Can intelligence be pre-determined genetically?
  3. What role does love play in our lives?
  4. How to combat depression and psychological disorders
  5. How to find happiness in simple things.


Hope that the above points provided you with a sufficient amount of ideas and topics to make your persuasive essay topics for college simpler. Explore your inner ideas and bring in the best to score the grade you rightly deserve. Happy essay writing!