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Transactional Analysis

The concept of transactional analysis is quite more than just simple. One can definitely make sure that it is interesting though. According to this particular analysis, a communication theory needs egos. And there are three egos that work when we communicate with others.

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The types of egos, their advantages and disadvantages:

As already mentioned there are 3 types of egos that exist. We must understand that what their advantages and disadvantages are. Also, students should clearly understand that what their characteristics are!

  1. Parent types: 

This is definitely the foremost type of ego that people must be aware of. In this type of ego, a person usually behaves like a parent. Now, this is one thing that makes them dominating as well.

  • Advantages:

A person can show how nurturing they are of course. This is something that is very essential. They at times become understanding and helps in solving various problems.

  • Disadvantages:

This ego reflects authority. They hate listening to others. People try controlling others, and thus they refute other’s logic as well. One must understand that this is no sign of healthy communication.

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  1. Children Types: 

These people are fun-loving and outgoing people. This communication structure allows them to make people happy easily and thus make friends as well.

  • Advantages: They listen to suggestions easily. Likes to follow the rules and do not believe in much argument.
  • Disadvantages: Easily manipulated and of course can be moulded into any shape. This communication structure helps to make friends easily but doesn’t help to maintain the same. Also, people with this ego often depends on others and are greatly irresponsible.

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  1. Adult: 

This is the best available way of course. There are no disadvantages to this ego. Of course, people having this ego take others to be an equal to them. They have a keen ear for listening, and they also love making their own statements. Also, they are responsible and expect the same from others.

They believe in logic and not authority. It is absolutely why they hardly disappoint others, but hates pleasing others as well.

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