Tricks to Choose Some Interesting Essay Topics

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Picking up interesting essay topics could be a big struggle. Writing on a certain topic given by the instructor starts to feel complicated but when the instructors throw open the door asking the student to pick up their own topic then this makes them even more frustrated.

Why is this so? This is because there is a vast amount of idea present to choose from and even when the student is able to pick up some topic it may not be the most interesting and the best idea to write up on. It is thus important that along with mastering the art of writing an essay it is also important to know how to pick up interesting essay topics.

Key points to consider when choosing essay topics

  • Choose something that interests you. This should however be within the discipline of your writing space. If you think that there is nothing of interest to you then look to find one that is interesting among the rest.
  • Analyse the topic that you have chosen and for this you need to check if the topic chosen is narrow or broad. When the topic is broad it will not offer any specific information that you wish to write on. A narrow topic is better because it gives you a clue of the specifics. This is easier to write than a general paper.
  • Also make sure that when you choose the interesting essay topics there are sources from where you can get information on the topic. Even if the topic chosen is new and there is not a lot of material on it then it is impossible to write on that topic.
  • It is also important that the topic should be of interest not only to you but to others as well. It should be able to match other requirements like even if the topic is very interesting there could beat times nothing to write about it.
  • You could also choose from an essay that you have written before. However take care to try out a different angle to write the essay this time
  • Offbeat topics could sound interesting but you may not be able to get substantial information on them. So try to not restrict yourself to such topics.

What to do when selecting essay topics

  • Decide on the kind of topic that you would like to write an essay on and then start choosing topics
  • Make sure that before you finalise on a topic you access the materials that are available on the topic.
  • First you need to decide on a topic and then find the sources and if you find that you get enough information then start writing on the topic
  • If you still feel that you are not able to come up with a topic then brainstorm on it and you are sure to come up with something that interests you.
  • Do not hesitate to change the topic if you feel after starting it that it is not easy to write as you thought it would be.
  • Narrow down the topic and try to make it very specific
  • If you can get enough material then chooses mart topics that are peculiar and rare.

What to avoid when choosing interesting essay topics

Do not continue writing on a topic that you feel writing bored about. If you feel bored then the essay is sure to come out boring. Do not try to approach a broad topic because it is only going to get now here. You could reuse a topic that you have already written on but approach it with a different perspective.

Steps to choose an essay topic that interests you

If your tutor has asked you to come up with some interesting essay topics then here is how you can go about it.

  • Brainstorm about what you think interests you and you would like to write about. If you like the topic then the journey of researching and writing about it is going to be enjoyable
  • Look at some books or read articles and try to get some suggestions of essay topics or points that could be developed into an essay topic
  • If you have read on two argumentative topics and have read each side of it then you could write onthat topic
  • Be realistic on your selection and check the sources available to you. There is no point of starting to write on something that fascinates you but has no information about.
  • Check the news for any interesting essay topics that may sound relevant to you. You could use that asa basis to write the essay. Go through the current affairs because it covers everything from politics to technology.
  • You could change a topic to an essay by phrasing it in such a way that gives you a lot of room in order to express your opinion.
  • Read more and more if you are still unable to come up with some idea to write an essay or go back to the basics then to select the interesting essay topics.
  • It could also be that you have too many ideas in your brain. You could then start repeating them to see which topic excites you the moist

If you are still confused, then call a friend and talk to him about the topics that you have listed. When you hear yourself speaking aloud then ideas will start to come in automatically. You will yourself know which topic is of interest to you. So try out this approach to pick up an interesting topic for your essay.

As a student, you are expected to write essays of high quality and choose interesting essay topics. Thus it is not just your thoughts that will give you good grades. It is important that you pay a lot of attention to the topic that you choose. If you are writing to apply to college then choose topics that you think could probably impress the professors. The topic should not feel very common because the topic itself makes the first impression about you. It lets the examiner know if you are an intelligent and a committed student and have actually spent time in choosing the right topic for your essay.