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Understanding the Subject-A Glance

Dividend Policies is an extremely delicate subject and needs attention to the detail.

There are four broad categories of Dividend Policies:

  1. Dividend Policy-Regular
  2. Dividend Policy-Standard
  3. No Dividend Policy
  4. Dividend Policy-Irregular

Any organisation can use this terms and conditions associated with either of the categories, depending upon the nature of such financial circumstances.

The Tricky Part

It can be tough as:

  • Any Company would prefer to keep its liquidity healthy, hence find it tough to please the investors by doling out higher cash reserves.
  • Paying off to investors is necessary as well, as they are the ones who will bring in more money in future.
  • A bad or negligent pay-out can damage the market perception as well as the egos of investors and stockholders alike.
  • The amount of dividend paid should be able to meet and satisfy the expectations of investors.
  • It really becomes very difficult to make correct analyzation when it comes to market perception.

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Types of Dividend Policy Assignment Help –What you should Look for?

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