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Dividends play an important role for grades in finance. As most students throughout the world opt for finance! It is quite necessary for them to understand the dividend policies as well.

But how does a company ascertain a particular dividend policy? What is a logic behind it? After all these dividend policies were created with a particular purpose. It is absolutely why there must be some rationale for them.

Of course there are and students can study them as well. But most often they end up confused. It is exactly why they need one of the most efficient Rationale for Stability of Dividend Assignment Help.

The types of Rationale

There are three types of rules that helps decide a dividend policy. A student must be aware of the same.

  • Conservative: This is the foremost type that one must know about. Of course there are different types of companies. And they have different interests as well. Many companies are much more concerned about their profits no doubt. This is absolutely why they concentrate on retaining their profits.
  • Lenient: This is another rule that helps determine a dividend policy. In this particular rule, a company believes in good will. This is absolutely why they keep a bare minimum profit for themselves. They thus distribute the dividends without much
  • Stable: Here, the companies work on a unique concept. They believe in spreading good will. But they do not allow their profit expectations to drain out as well. Therefore they make good profit and also distribute relevant and satisfying dividends.

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How do companies reason?

Let us take two scenarios for example:

A company agrees on stable dividend payout:

The following are the various reasons why this company has decided on it:

  • Creating good will: This will help a company please their investors of course. The investors will definitely be enthralled with such behaviour from the company. They will understand that the company doesn’t belittle them. And of course they will praise the company and spread the good word. A good Rationale for Stability of Dividend Homework Help will help understand this.
  • Gets new investors: Once shareholders are satisfied, they will recommend others the same. This is one way of earning new investors obviously. The companies will definitely achieve this for the best.
  • Earns confidence: This is another thing that these companies might earn. Of course they will gain confidence and loyalty from the investors. These investors will never leave them and have their back at dire times as well.

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