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All of the people in this society require financial services of different kinds at different points in their lives. For example, they sometimes need a savings account, sometimes they require fixing deposit money, and sometimes one may even feel right to have a life insurance or perhaps invest in stock market.

But, they often find that one bank or one financial institution is not giving all these services. In such cases, they have to go to different banks and firms to fulfil their needs, which is sometimes quite a trouble for them.

So, to relieve them,came universal banks which perform both the work of commercial as well as investment banks. They provide a universal service to its clients and hence the name.This information is first to be noted before taking any Universal Bank homework help.

A little bit about this subject

Such banks majorly a concept of UK and USA, because in such countries there are specific financial and economic demarcations between pure investments bank and commercial banks.But in other countries with no such legal demarcations, these banks are not so great an idea.

Basically, universal banking is a conglomeration of commercial and investment services provided by these two statuses of banks. So what are the major services that are provided by a universal bank? They are mainly:

  1. Saving deposits,
  2. Credits,
  3. Long term loans,
  4. Management services for assets,
  5. Advisories of investment,
  6. Payment processing,
  7. Transactions of securities, and
  8. Several financial analyses.

We provide detailed knowledge and insight to all these services in our Universal Bank assignment help.Universal bank can have several smaller banks included as a part of it. The most attractive feature of banks in universal banking schemes is that they have this allowance to provide commercial as well as investment services.

But they can choose which ones of them should they give and which they will not.Thus a bank with universal services may provide a combination of commercial and investment services, but it may not always be all of the financial services.

Common troubles faced by students

Since universal banking blends two different types of banking services, financers or finance students coming from each of these two sectors cannot blend into this concept and often make a mess. So, commercial finance students have to learn about investment markets and vice versa. To help them with that we have our Universal Bank homework help.

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