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What is Stable Dividend pay out Ratio?

Dividends are part of any business. It is something that the shareholders absolutely deserve. This is apparently why companies make necessary policies on these. They decide to pay these dividends according to their own terms.

One of the best possible ways is, of course, the stable dividends. Stable dividends no wonder represent compulsory and regular dividend pay outs. The Stable Dividend Payout Ratio is one very important part of this.

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The Stable Dividend Payout Ratio is quite simple. In this,the company agrees on a particular percentage. This percentage is calculated on the net earnings. Company pays out this percentage to their shareholders of course.

What does this represent?

A stable dividend payout ensures of two things. Firstly the amount that shareholders deserve. And last but not the least it determines the amount that company must keep for its growth.

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How is it calculated?

With us, students will, of course, learn to calculate this in an easier method. There are few things to consider though. The company has to analyse their earnings in the first place. They must know that whether or they can predict their earnings!

Then they must consider the number of shareholders. And also the number that may add to the list in future. Also, they must make sure that they understand what percentage they must reuse!

Formula to calculate:

  1. Yearly Dividend per Share/ Earnings per share
  2. Also, Dividends/Net Income

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