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Accountancy and common mistakes

Accounting is the field of study which deals with systematic measurement, processing and sharing of financial information of business organizations or even individuals. It is a common branch of study and students to choose to study accountancy are introduced to the subject in high school. Now since this is a subject that is largely based on elaborate arithmetic calculations, students are prone to making frequent mistakes. The troubles which students face are:

  • They often do not know the proper procedure for creating various accounting entities like journal, ledger, balance sheet, trial balance and others.
  • Since each of these involves prolonged calculations, students frequently make errors and then find it rather hard to tally both sides or to reach the right answer.

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The sub fields of accountancy

In Accountancy there are various subfields, fields which require specialization and students are introduced to these branches when they decide to take up Accountancy for higher studies. The main sub-branches are:

  • Financial accounting:

Financial Accounting is concerned with the measurement and recording of the financial transactions of a business organization and the consequent creation of financial statements, which are to be conveyed to the investors, suppliers, regulators.

  • Management accounting:

This sub-field of accounting is mostly concerned with the analysis of the financial state, functioning and transactions of an organization so as to suggest the management better ways to improve their financial credibility.

  • Auditing:

It is the evaluation or verification of the financial statement as presented by a business entity.

  • Tax Accounting:

Part of USA accounting system, tax accounting is concerned with creation, analysis and representation of the tax payoffs and tax returns.

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