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What is Taxation?

Tax is the financial charge that the citizens and organizations of a nation has to pay to its Government in return of the services they enjoy. Failure to pay the tax or refusal to pay the tax is punishable by law. People beyond a certain income group are exempted from taxes, but taxes can be of various kind and when considering VAT or service tax, they have to be paid by all.

Economics students might have assignments on Taxation and another important point to note is that the rules and regulations regarding taxation vary from nation to nation. If you’re from USA then while working on your assignment, you’ll have to focus on the taxation system of your country. If students have any issue concerning their assignments, they can make use of our USA taxation homework help that has assisted students over the years to score good grades in their exams. Getting our help is easy; it’s readily available at

Methods of levying taxes

Taxes can be levied in four different ways. These are all based on certain percentage of the income earned by the tax payer. Our USA taxation assignment help team shall give you an insight.

  • Proportional:

In this case, the rate of tax to be paid remains fixed and therefore, depending upon the base amount (the tax payer’s income) the tax amount increases or decreases.

  • Progressive:

In case of progressive taxation, as the base amount increases, the tax rate also increases and therefore, the tax amount to be paid increases by a larger margin.

  • Regressive:

In this case, as the base amount increases, the rate of tax to be paid decreases, but is kept at such a percentage that the overall tax amount to be paid increases.

  • Lump-sum amount:

Here the Government fixes a certain amount which is to be paid by all, irrespective of individual income. This can be an unfair mode of taxation since people with low income would be required to give up a large part of their earning, while people with high income will only have to part with a fragment of their income.

The last kind of taxation method does not contribute to solving the problem of class disparities or income inequalities in a nation.

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