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Before going into detail, we would like to do a small revision of fixed income. Fixed income is a type of income, in which individuals receive a periodic income at regular intervals. This income is usually predictable. Retired personnel usually make such investments, as it is a source of regular, stable income.

Valuation of fixed income securities is not an easy task. One should have a thorough knowledge of the subject matters for offering the valuation of fixed income securities assignment help.

It is an important subject in finance that aims to provide a framework for evaluating the correct value any fixed income product. The present fixed income market comprises of securities with complex structures and derivative instruments which give rise to risk/return relationship. Following factors are considered to determine the value of any fixed income product.

  • Fundamental valuation principles
  • Spot rates and their role in valuation
  • Forward rates and term structure theories
  • Measuring price sensitivity to interest rate changes
  • Overview of the evaluation of bond
  • Binomial model I and II
  • Monte Carlo model
  • Valuation of asset-backed securities, inverse floaters, interest rate future contracts
  • Valuation of option on fixed income instruments and interest rate furniture
  • Estimating yield volatility
  • Valuation of interest rate swaps, interest rate caps and floor

Our valuation of fixed income securities homework help improve the proficiency level of the students to such as extent that they can easily calculate the income for any kind of fixed assets. In the US fixed income securities as classified as follow:

  1. Treasury Securities
  2. Federal Agency Securities
  3. Corporate Securities
  4. Municipal Securities
  5. Mortgage-backed Securities

Fixed income securities are also subject to several types of risks, such as inflation, credit, timing, liquidity, and currency.

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