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What is Value Added Tax?Taking a look!

Value Added Tax or VAT refers to the sales price that businesses claimed for a product from their consumers, subtracting the expense needed for purchasing various taxable inputs such as raw materials. It can be claimed as cash or as accrual. The payment may follow the basic form of accounting if it is done via cash. Complex accounting types are used in case the VAT is claimed via accrual-based account.

This is a form of consumption tax imposed on an item at anytime value is added at production stage and final sale phase. Although VAT is used most often in the EU countries, it is also common today in other nations such as India. The amount of VAT paid by a user is the product cost, minus any cost for the materials used in manufacturing the already taxed product.

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Why is it so vital?

Any company has to take into account the total amount that it pays to the government as tax. The VAT is one type of tax, often used as a substitute for sales tax. It is an extremely common form of tax used in various countries. It is different from sales tax in which sellers pay the tax on the resale price along with the various kinds of seller-purchased price. VAT can be invoice based or accounts based. It is an important part of Finance and Taxation. In many countries, the Government notifies about the goods on which VAT shall be charged through the official Gazette.

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