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If we search in pages of history, we will find the start of value engineering concept during World War II at General Electric Co.It is basically a systematic approach to optimizing the value of a product, service or system reducing the cost. The importance is given to those values that require improvement from the customer’s viewpoint.

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Advantages of value engineering:

Let’s look into the benefits if value engineering.

  1. The process greatly improves quality management.
  2. Simplifies the procedure and increases its efficiency.
  3. It lessens pressure of paperwork.
  4. It helps improve efficiency of resources.
  5. Costs of staffs are reduced by implementing value engineering technique.
  6. It optimizes the expenditures of construction.
  7. The process helps develop competitiveness in the market.

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What is Job Plan in Value Engineering?

As the process of value engineering is followed by a structured process of decision making, there can be unsatisfactory value outputs. In such cases, a management job plan is an alternate option. Value engineering homework help will cover all the essential points in your assignment. Numbers of phases keep varying according to requirements. Here’s a list of four most important steps:

  • Gathering Information:

This is an initial stage where the function analysis technique is implemented. It determines important characteristics of the function and requirements of that object.

  • Creation or Alternative generation:

In this stage, engineers try to find out alternative methods to perform a function or meet the needs.

  • Evaluation:

In this third stage, the alternatives derived in the second stage are measured by evaluating factors like meeting functions requirements and saving costs.

  • Presentation:

This is the final stage where the best-chosen alternatives are presented to client, and final decision is made.

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