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The idea of variance:

The idea of variance is related to the matter of probability theory. Students of statistics have to study about the fact of variance. Variance helps to measure how long a series of number are expanded. Variance of zero shows that all values are identical. It is known to the students that variance is positive: a little variance shows that data points are very close to mean. On the other hand, a large variance shows points are expanded around mean.

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Concepts of variance:

There are generally two separate concepts which are also called variance.

  • The first one is the characteristic of a series of observations.
  • Second one is the part of theoretical probability distribution. This is explained by equation.

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Topics learnt by statistics students:

In the topic of variance, you have to learn several things if you want to get success in your career. The complete knowledge in this matter will help you to your desired marks in the test. The others aspects that pupils should know and learn properly are:

  • Discrete random variable
  • Normal distribution
  • Continuous random variable
  • Poisson distribution
  • Binomial distribution
  • Exponential distribution

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  • They fail to find the different between two concepts of variance.
  • The basic properties of variance are difficult to understand.
  • When they learn sum of uncorrelated variables, sum of correlated variables, weighted sum of variables, product of independent variables, product of correlated variables, formulae for the variance, They cannot understand the difference between all these variables.
  • They try to know the process of calculation from the CDF.
  • Another difficult thing for them is to know the Units of measurement.

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