Various Types of Essay Topics Which Are Easy and Demanding

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There are various types of good persuasive essay topics and all of these can be categorised accordingly under certain sub headings:

Various types of Pets and Fauna:

  • Which is better? To purchase a pet from a nursery made for animals or from a particular shop or store made for pets?
  • Is it necessary to be afraid of a few pets at large?
  • Is it necessary to get rid of a pet that has caused harm to someone else, especially being an owner of a pet?
  • Is it necessary to tame and rear more types of animals to make them pets to a family?
  • Is it unethical to carry out practices on battery farming?
  • Is it cruel enough to legalise the practise of factory farming?
  • Why do you think that adopting a kitten is better than purchasing one?
  • What do you think about breeding pets and thereafter putting them for sale?
  • Do you think pets make our lives better in terms of living?
  • Why do you think dogs are considered as the best kind of pets?

Good persuasive essay topics related to cars and transportation:

  • In order to get a driver’s licensed what are the actions that should be taken?
  • Do you think booster seats are safe and effective for kids?
  • Is it necessary to use hands free while calling up someone, especially while driving?
  • Do you think texting and driving at the same time is unsafe?
  • Do you think when the cars that break rules and police chase them, is it effective?
  • Do you think the cars which are made in Japan are better than the rest?
  • Why is it unsafe to drive sports car in a regular basis?
  • Is it justified when people are charged for getting a license for driving lessons?

Good persuasive essay topics related to Entrepreneurship:

  • Do you think advertisement plays an integral role while it concerns to our normal way of thinking?
  • Do you think there can be ways and methods through which the advertisements can be made much more ethical and transparent in nature?
  • Why do you think it’s necessary to have a certain kind of target group while an advertisement is being aired?

Good persuasive essay topics related to constitution and government:

  • Is it considered to be justifiable if a person is claimed to be a terrorist but not yet proved so detained under the bars?
  • Do you think as a form of protest it is justified to burn down flags?
  • Do you think prayers which are silently carried out in schools be totally outlawed?
  • How do you think government can keep a check and control over the usage of alcohol and various other drugs which are narcotic in nature?
  • Do you think school students should given the authority to withdraw from the everyday morning prayers?

Good persuasive essay topics related to economic issues:

  • Do you think extra taxes are necessary to impose on imported goods?
  • Do you think it is advisable to use local manufactured and agricultural products instead of imported goods?
  • Do you think it’s a greater impact on national employees with the imposition of free trade taxations?
  • Do you think it’s necessary to increase the wages of the workers?

Good persuasive essay topics related to school:

  • Do you think students should be provided with higher education with a scholarship especially who belong from the low income groups?
  • Do you think that the high schools need to take the responsibility to conduct admission exams for the colleges?
  • Do you think students be taken care of the concept of cyber bullying?
  • Do you think community service be included as an integral part of the course curriculum for the school students?
  • What do you think the pros and cons of allowing school students to use cell phones during class hours would be?
  • Do you think including art work in the course curriculum is necessary?

Good persuasive essay topics related to nature protection:

  • Do you think the usage of plastic bags is harmful?
  • Do you think usage of palm oil is harmful?
  • Do you think the spill of oil is dangerous to the marine species?
  • Do you think every individual is responsible in order to protect the nature?
  • What do you think can be the positive effects of the implementation of various hybrid cars?
  • Do you think disposing diapers in the nature is a threat in itself?
  • How do you think hydraulic fracture poses danger to the nature?
  • Do you think extraction of oil from that of algae can contribute to that of the environment?
  • What do you think that the negative effects of pollution are?
  • Do you think the usage of natural resources is done in a wise manner?
  • Do you think usage of public transport should be used in abundance instead of private cars?
  • Do you think that the regulations which are existing and made by the government enough to work in its truest means?
  • Do you think people who have a personal garden be allowed to grow wild and exotic plants?

Good persuasive essay topics related to ethical issues:

  • Do you think we need to stop or have a check on the usage of fur clothes?
  • Do you think consuming meat is not ethical?
  • Do you think that poverty can be reduced by the continuation of charities especially done through various organisations?
  • Do you think there should be better types of alternatives to that of death sentence?
  • Do you think it is ethical to influence the genetics of the unborn child?
  • Do you think euthanasia should be legalised especially when doctors fail to have better alternatives?
  • Do you think the wages of the female workers be at par to that of the male workers?