What Should Be a Physics Homework Like?

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Physics is an extremely deep subject. It is the most basic amongst all sciences hence very elementary. But, that does not mean that it is easy. Some of the vast natural complications and paradoxes occur in physics only. So, physics teachers have a great responsibility about teaching this subject properly, giving effective Physics Homework and taking tests.

Hence, these teachers must know well about these responsibilities and how to carry them out without troubles. Here the matter of discussion is about giving homework to students.

What is homework?

Homework or home assignments are tasks given to students by their teachers or institutes, which are to be done at home. It is not necessary that such tasks have to be near impossible or very tough and engaging. This is what any teacher must understand. Things can be learnt through easy steps also.

About Physics Homework

Any teacher can hand out regular assignment papers to students filled with age-old physics questions that are asked for decades. There’s nothing special about that. But a good and modern teacher would definitely find more innovative ways to give Physics Homework. Here are some steps which new teachers should follow while giving home assignment to their physics students.

  • Questions

The questions should not be too long or confusing. In science subjects, especially subjects like physics, questions should be clear cut and straight to the point. There is no room for questions which can have more than one meaning. Question should be related to real life situations and not just simple theoretical or mathematical situations.

Physics is a subject which is based on its applicability. Hence, application parts must be included in Physics Homework and there should also be questions asking for physical significance of a result or phenomenon.

  • Pattern

The pattern of homework should not be the usual way. It should be more inclined to students favor. A teacher can set seven or eight questions and announce that any five of them have to be answered. Or, they can give individual options to questions. In case there are tricky questions, there should be a few hints provided.

Sometimes, all hints can be at the last of the paper and the students must find out which hint will be useful for which question. There should not be just questions but also, fill in the blanks, match and pair, objective types, etc. A homework paper must be a bit innovative.

  • Creativity

Though a science subject, creativity in physics homework is often helpful. The more creative a teacher is while setting homework, the more creative and innovative becomes their students. Teachers should find active homework to be assigned. Like, giving practical tasks to students enhances their interest as well as IQ to a great extent, than it would have if it was simple question and answer. Homework may be like this that find make one’s own pendulum and check that its actual time period matches with the theoretical one.

These are some of the popular constituents and patterns of Physics Homework. New teachers of physics who are still finding their way as to how assign effective homework; they can definitely take these discussions into consideration.