Write on Interesting Essay Topics While Unfurling Your Thoughts

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Essay writing is rather a fancy subject of practice for the ones who are passionate for writing or journalism. As a part of every student’s curriculum writing on interesting essay topics is one of the major assignments.

Thus, it is necessary for every academically aiming student perfects their writing skill and tries for an A+.

The thought and focus for an A grade should rather be motivating enough to lead you along the write way of writing such essays and topics perfectly. However, when your task is to persuade the readers and listeners, the task becomes even more challenging.

The art of essay writing embraces the concept of persuasion in many folds. For instance, when one talks about technology versus human brain, it is necessary to look into both the perspectives and therefore, come into a conclusion.

Essay writing is basically of four types, Narrative, descriptive, expository and persuasive. The first is a general narration on a topic. Some examples are talking about your personal experience on a camp tour, or narrating your first date experience, etc. thus, the type generally demands a narration from the writer’s experience point of view.

Descriptive essay types are simply a description of an object or an event like speaking about your favourite vacation spot, or your pet dog.

Expository essays focuses on the amount of research collected and how well the presented content reveals one’s objective explanation well supported by concrete, logically derived conclusions.

Persuasive interesting essay topics are, as the name says are meant to persuade the audience and reads along a particular point of view. Writing on such topics is originally aimed at the targeted audience and their mind set. One knows how difficult it is to meld others’ thinking and understanding.

However, the art of attempting on interesting essay topics is a gradual process learning from the mistakes and improvements, thus, eventually making ourselves proficient in the subject.

How to attempt essay writing?

Firstly, concentrate on what the topic says. If you are a student, then your initial task is to look for a strong topic that will not only make your writing content effective, thus, help you score better but also will be an attractive concept for the audience and readers.

The second important step is to prepare a blueprint of all your ideas and notions to decide the approach. One’s approach may be unique and thus, act more like a map to take you from one phase to another.

The next is research. One knows quite well that it is highly essential to gather information and conduct research without which writing is essentially and more likely incomplete. Research forms a necessary backbone for any kind of presentation, writing or speaking on an interesting essay topics.

Now divide your writing structure into a number of divisions such as the thesis, introduction, body and conclusion. The thesis reflects on the basic structure of your topic, a briefly acknowledgement of whatever is described inside the body. The introduction however, is lengthier than the former but shorter than the main body. It is at times tricky to think about a proper introduction. A smart beginning will gear the rest of the progress. Thus, think smartly before beginning.

Make points on what to include in your content. The points which need to be highlighted should be focused and brought to light while writing while trying to reduce errors and fillers. This is kept in mind while keeping in check the standard and quality of one’s writing.

For instance, among various interesting essay topics one may choose to write on the ongoing issue reservation system in various fields. One needs to keep his personal thoughts aside and look for the society’s talk. One may feel that such reservation system is highly required and justified depending on one’s nation’s conditions. However, it is imprudent to apply the theory where equal rights are established among all.

On the other hand, one may argue saying that it is quite unrealistic to believe that all men are equal and thus, have the same power and rights. Richness and poverty can never be balanced unless it is an idealistic society. Thus, reservation system is not only mandatory but a need for the society structure.There is another angle that can be noticed.  Hard work should be the only factor to decide one’s path.

Similar examples can be seen and noted everywhere. Therefore, for one to write on such argumentative and topics, it is required to note down the various angles, beliefs and ideologies of different people.

Keeping in mind that the universe is made of countless elements, and infinite thoughts prevail in such countless elements actions and activities. It is quite unfair to keep those aside and concentrate on one’s own thinking while writing on the interesting essay topics. Because writing is more like speaking and stating your opinion on the said topic where each of those words reflect you and your thoughts.

To make your voice stronger, influential and thus, persuasive, one needs to think broadly, beyond the narrow frontier of our mind palace.

Conclude yourself with a statement

Just like first impressions having a lasting impact, every signing off statement should leave behind a heavy note to bury in the minds of the readers and listeners.

For instance, educational reforms and economic advancement is one of the interesting essay topics,when you are talking about the educational reforms of a developing nation, one is required to reflect on the past and the progression till date. The journey of the nation somehow reveals its present and future zeal for advancements and reforms.

While concluding however, the writer must make a clean end, smoothening the strikes and bents in the main body of the essay. The arguments, questions and tone used along the entire piece must be drawn up to a smooth ending thus, leaving behind a lasting impact on the readers. After all, a writer’s work is successful only when the reader is influenced and affected accordingly.