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Understanding yield on index linked bond from help me in homework  tutorial

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Yield on Index Linked Bonds homework help starts off with a basic overview of the bond market before proceeding to find the yield.

An index-linked bond is the one where the interest payment are linked to the consumer or retail price index and hence adjusted for inflation. This adjustment protects the investors from the changes or fluctuations of retail price index that is subject to inflation. The bond adjusts its cash flow continually to ensure the investor receives a known real rate of return.

Why it’s valuable to purchase index-linked bond?

Yield on Index Linked Bonds homework help discusses the significance and role of the bond to the investor analytically.

  1. Real value of the bond is disclosed to an investor during any purchase thus eliminating all risk of uncertainty.
  2. These index linked bond is less volatile than a nominal bond.
  3. Investors are able to retain their purchasing power.
  4. For example, if you purchase a regular bond with a nominal return of 6% and the inflation is 4%, you receive 2% in real terms. An index linked bond, on the other hand, adjusts the cash flow to ensure you receive 6% as a return.

Bond yield

It is an amount of return an investor receives from his investment inbond. We sub-categorize bond yield as below.

  1. Divide  interest received from bond by  face value to receive nominal yield
  2. Divide the annual earnings of the bond by existing market price at that point of time to obtain the current yield
  3. Require yield is the amount offered by a bond issuer to attract an investor

Yield on Index Linked Bonds assignment help defines the real yield as the annualised rate of growth less inflation rate during same period. Real yield is a terminology that denotes yield on index linked bonds. Calculating the nominal yield is difficult as they do not take into account inflation for a future specified date. In case of an index linked bond, the inbuilt inflation measure makes the calculation simpler using standard bond calculation formula.

Challenges students face while writing assignment on bond market

  • Assignment writing on volatile bond market requires in-depth knowledge of the market
  • Critical and analytical approach is a must to decipher the movement of securities and their yield

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