You Won’t Believe How Easy It Is to Find Compare and Contrast Essay Topics!

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Whether it is during your school life or your college, you will inevitably have to write a compare and contrast essay one time or the other. These tend to be a bit different compared to standard essays and can be quite tricky for those who are doing it for the first time. However, the tasks of finding some quality compare and contrast essay topics to write about in the first place can prove to be extremely difficult.

If you too fall under that category, then you have come to exactly the right place. Let’s discuss some tricks regarding how to write such essays and find out what the best topics for writing are. Using these tips, you will be able to at least start up with something decent if not very good. So buckle up.

Tips for Writing C&C Essays

Let’s talk about how to get good compare and contrast essay topics a bit later. It is better to address the bigger elephant in the room first after all. There are a few differences that you need to take note of compared to writing a normal essay. So keeping that in mind, here mentioned is a few tips which will help you to overcome those differences and apply you’re writing skills better.

  1. Analyze First

The only way to compare two given pieces of text and write about the different nuances is to read them first. Get a good idea about the topic that you have been assigned. Take some notes (mental or even physical) and mark everything that you think is important. This will help you get ahead of schedule since these marked down points will raise your awareness towards what you have to actually write. The best compare and contrast essay topics need to be done justice and that is only possible if you analyze your material first.

  1. Everything Similar and Otherwise

It is also a good idea to find out everything that even remotely seems familiar or different to each other. It doesn’t have to be accurate at first. After all, it is only a rough idea of what your essay will be all about. Point out the main things that fall into your line of sight and note them down. No matter how unimportant it may be, just write it down because it is sure to come in handy later on.

  1. Finding The Core

The key to finding good compare and contrast essay topics lies in understanding the core. That is exactly what you need to do as well. Once you are finished with the step above, it is time to cut out the trash. Find out the points which are actually relevant and can be expanded upon in your essay. Get rid of all the fat and thin out the parts that have quality. If you do not find too much, go back to the drawing board and redo it.

  1. Making The Skeleton

Once you have all the important points jotted down, it is time to write your essay. In order to do that, you first need an outline. This exists to only serve as the skeleton to the main essay. It will state how the flow of your essay and nothing more. Plan out the structure of your essay in this phase and make sure you have everything planned out. This blueprint will help you in writing other essays as well if necessary.

  1. Filling in the Blank

Once the blueprint is ready, you should proceed onto writing the meat of your essay. Everything that you have set up in the last step is ready to be fulfilled in this one. When deciding on the compare and contrast essay topics of your choice, it should be noted that you must be familiar with the details that you want to write about. Because that is exactly what you will be filling your essay with in here.

  1. Proofread Everything

Last but not the least; please remember to proofread everything that you have written down. Mistakes are natural when writing down something of this nature. Check the grammar; check the punctuation and most important check the sentence construction. If required, use spellcheck software for this. But whatever you do, do not ignore this step. This is a rookie mistake that you must avoid at all costs.

Deciding Your Topic

So that clears out the basics of how you must go about writing your compare and contrast essay. However, before you can even think about doing that, you need to decide on the topic you will be writing about. Doing this can be tricky as mentioned before which is why you are here to begin with. Here are some tips that you can follow in order to get the best compare and contrast essay topics for yourself.

  • Start off with the obvious things that can be compared. Things related to education usually fall into that category and most of the times, you will be able to find something relevant in that field.
  • Do conduct some research in this regard before making a decision. Just a simple Google search will land you a ton of results.
  • Remember to look back in the past for some juicy topics. Just because there isn’t something relevant now does not mean it was the same years ago. All it needs is a bit of digging and you will find it all.
  • Ask people around for help as well. Experience is a big factor in such an activity. So consult people who you think can help you in this regard. Maybe you will be introduced to something you have been unaware of all this time.
  • Try and look for something that you are experienced in. This will help you smooth out the essay since writing about something you already know a lot about always makes things much easier.

So these are some of the things you ought to remember when trying to find some compare and contrast essay topics for yourself. With a bit of practice, you too will be able to find some excellent topics all on your own. Just put the effort in and the rest will sort itself out. Good luck!