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Have you ever felt that how frequently we read a book again and again but still feel it is new? There is something attractive about books but when it comes to speeches and essays students feel quite boring. But nowadays, schools are coming up with new and interesting ways to makes the essay writing fun for students. One such technique is writing a persuasive essay or speech. In this post you will come across many interesting persuasive topics and how to write them. Apart from that, I will be sharing my personal experience with you that where you can additional help for writing these essays.

How to deal with the pressure?

But, sometimes students might feel a lot of pressure to write a persuasive essay. What should they do then? Because often it happens that these essay are given as an assignment which have tight deadlines. So, whom do they go for help then? It was six months back when I had a very complicated coursework and couldn’t focus much on the assignments. I didn’t know how to get some interesting persuasive topics.

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Look out for these handy tips:

Crafting out a good persuasive essay requires the selection of a brilliant topic. Later, I will definitely share with you my list of interesting persuasive topics. But, before that have a look at some quick tips.

  1. The topic should be able to grab the audience’s attention, inform them and finally persuade them to believe in that.
  2. It should be supported with facts, figures, stories, or incidents.
  3. Make a rough inventory and plan before writing your essay. It should be based on your opinions and likes. Unless, you stand strong about your opinion, how will you write about it in details?
  4. Try to link the topic with personal experiences, goals or your aspirations.

A glance at the collection:

  • Does meat consumption affect health?
  • How does watching too much television affect children?
  • Plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons, is it having a negative impact on the others?
  • How apt is juvenile sentence?
  • Should battery farming still be legal?
  • Do puppy mills affect our health?
  • Is it better to adopt pets than purchasing one?
  • Is texting and driving dangerous?
  • Is advertising all about mind games?
  • Introverts make good leaders. Do they?
  • Why alcohol should be illegal?
  • Early Morning Prayer in schools should not be mandatory.
  • Recycling should be encouraged more.
  • How bad is junk food for the heart?
  • Does hiring cheaper foreign employee hurt the economy of our country?
  • Students who do cyber bullying should be expelled from school?
  • Do R-rated games have any effect on kids?
  • Is national debt a public problem?
  • How bad is it to hit children at home?
  • Zoning laws should be common sense.

How can the academic services be helpful?

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Once, you take help of these writers you won’t have to worry about the deadlines as well. But, then again everything should be done in a limit so do not make it a habit or get dependent on these websites. These just help you out in times of emergency to get a lot of interesting persuasive topics.

All the topics that are mentioned here are a part of my personal collection, which I have used as interesting persuasive topics in my assignments. You can always take an idea from these or create your own list. But, remember to support your statement with emotional stories or facts as you want. Make sure to keep them interesting so that you can grab the attention of your audience in the introduction itself. The conclusion should always have a brief summary of your entire essay and do not forget to give your call of action to the readers.

So, friends what are you waiting for? Hurry up, select the interesting persuasive topics and choose the best one which you care about.